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Subclass Quest Guide


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Fate's Whisper - Subclass Quest Guide

Fate's Whisper - Subclass quest guide first part

Once your character is level 76. You can began the first guest out of two to add a subclass to your character.

First task, To start the first quest Fates Whisper, teleport to oren, and find Maestro Reorin who is found east of Oren. Here is the picture of his location. Once there he will ask you to free his wifes soul Reiria, that the Raidboss Cabrio has, to get the soul you need to slay him.


Shilen’s Messenger Cabrio is located north east of The Cemetery. Here is a picture of his loaction. After you kill him a chest will spawn, Now quickly open that chest to receive Reiria’s soul orb.


Now after you get the soul teleport to oren and go talk to Maestro Reorin, now he will ask you to go TOI (Tower of Insolence) to kill 3 Raid Bosses to get 3 Infernium Scepters. Same as Cabrio a chest will spawn after you kill each Raidboss, when you open each chest you will receive a Infernium Scepter.
I'm not gonna get into how to find each Raidboss or this will really long its simple walk to the floor and look around. To get to TOI 3 teleport to TOI and walk up there. To get to TOI 8 teleport to TOI 10 and walk down don't try to walk there from TOI 3 it takes really long time.
Tower of Insolence Third Floor - Hallate


Tower of Insolence Eight Floor - Kernon


Tower of Insolence Eleventh Floor - Longhorn


Once you have each of the Infernium Scepters, return to Oren, and go talk with Maestro Reorin, he will ask you to go to Oren and get a Inferium Varnish. Now go back to Oren, open your map and walk to the Warehouse and talk to Warehouse Freightman Cliff, he will give you the Infernium Varnish.


Return the Infernium Varnish to Maestro Reorin, he will ask you to meet Head Blacksmith Ferris to get his Hammer. Now teleport to Aden walk to the BlackSmith house, and speak with Head BlackSmith Ferris to get Maestro Reorin's Hammer.


Return to Maestro Reorin with his Hammer, now he needs his Mold from Trader Zenkin in Oren. Trader Zenkin is located in the Weapon and Armor shop, he says he sold the Mold to Master Kaspar at Hardins Academy.


You can teleport to Hardins Academy from any town, Teleport there go into the cave and speak with Master Kaspar, he says in order to get the Mold, you will need to get Baium’s blood by using the Pipette Knife that Master Kaspar gives you. Talk with him again if you got the knife and he should give you the Mold.
Recently NCSoft made the quest easier by puting a second option that gives you the opportunity to "face the Platinum Tribe" in Tower of Insolence instead of "Face Baium". The change is made only in this step where he gives you 30 white cloths in case you choose the second option. Killing the Platinum Shaman you will get a quest item. After you obtain 30 Quest items you only have to go ahead with the quest.



  1. Return to Master Kaspar and exchange for the Mold.
  2. To finish the quest you will need a Top B grade weapon (from the list below) and 984 B grade crystals and return the Mold to Maestro Reorin. You will get to choose a low A grade weapon to trade up to, and receive the Star of Destiny final quest item.
    • Sword Of Damascus
    • Samurai Long Sword*Samurai Long Sword
    • Bow Of Peril
    • Lance
    • Art Of Battle Axe
    • Staff Of Evil Spirits
    • Demon Dagger
    • Bellion Cestus
    • Deadman's Glory

    When you give him the weapon, you can choose A grade weapon
    The list of low A weapons to choose from is listed below:

    • Tallum Blade
    • Carnage Bow
    • Halberd
    • Elemental Sword
    • Dasparion's Staff
    • Bloody Orchid
    • Meteor Shower
    • Keshanberk*Keshanberk


Mimir's Elixir - Subclass Quest Guide

Mimir's Elixir - Subclass quest guide second part

To begin this quest Teleport to Ivory Tower, go to the Dark Elven Floor (4th). Ladd will tell you to bring him Pure Silver. Now to make Pure Silver you need one Lunagent, you also need quicksilver, you can do a quest to get this.


Talk to Supplier Wesley at basment of Ivory Tower. Now you need Pure Silver.

  • 1 Lunargent + 1 Quicksilver (1st tempreature) = Pure Silver


Now that you got Pure Silver, Take to back up to Magister Ladd at Ivory Tower.

Bring the Pure Silver to Ladd on 4th floor of Ivory Tower. Now he tells you he needs True Gold.
He will tell you to go to Joann on the 3rd floor.


Talk to Magister Joan on 3rd floor of Ivory Tower.

She will ask you to go to Silent Valley to hunt Chimera Piece, to get a Sage Stone.

Now teleport to Silent and kill some Chimera Piece. Once you've got the Sage Stone take it back to Ivory Tower.


Talk to Magister Joann at Ivory Tower again and give her the Sage stone. She will give you the True Gold.

Now to back to Ladd, and talk with Ladd at Ivory Tower, and give him the True Gold. Now he says he needs Blood Fire.

Now teleport to Lair of Antharas and hunt Bloody Guardians. You can walk there from the beginning its near the Kariks. Or if u got silent step and lure, teleport to Lair of Antharas heart and lure one and kill it. Once you got the Blood Fire go back to Ivory Tower.


Now go to Ivory Tower again at the basement and use the urn to make the Mimir's Elixir, you need to have the Blood Fire from the step before in your inventory.

  • Pure Silver + True Gold (3rd tempreature) = Mimir's Elixir


Bring Mimir's Elixir to Ladd. Once you do this the elixir disappears from the inventory and the quest is completed.
You will get an A grade weapon enchant as a bonus reward.


Now you can add sub classes to your class at the Grand Magister, Blacksmith Master or Warehouse Chief. Remember that subclasses don't go further than level 75 and you can pick a maximum of three without needing to repeat the quest.

Credits to the original author! 😝



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